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Solar Panel Cleaning


You wouldn’t believe how quickly dirt and grime can accumulate on your solar system. Leaves and branches, bird droppings and dust; yuck is always falling from the sky making your solar panels inefficient and costing you money. Unclean solar panels can mean a power loss of up to 20% or even more in windy areas.

Regular solar cleaning helps maintain a well-functioning solar system and ensures maximum power output and savings in your pocket. Set up a regular service plan and save double: Save on your power bill and save on the cost of solar panel cleaning.

Eco Window services all residential and commercial sites with owned or leased solar energy systems. To protect your investment, we use high-quality products that are specifically designed for safely cleaning solar panels. No corrosive chemicals, only the purest reverse osmosis deionized water. Our 3 stage filtered pure water is fed through an extension pole with a brush made specifically for washing solar panels and other glass of the highest quality. Based on your particular needs, one-time cleaning and monthly maintenance programs are available.

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Cleaning Solar Panel 

Solar panels dramatically benefit our environment, your wallet, and your home value. If your solar panels are dirty, they produce less electricity, which is why solar panel cleaning is essential for any solar maintenance program. Professional solar panel cleaning by your local pros at Eco Window will keep them performing perfectly year-round.

The solar panel cleaning services we offer are a great way to protect your solar investment and keep your energy production high. This service will improve your panels' efficiency by effectively removing contaminants like:

  • Bird Droppings

  • Pollen

  • Airborne Pollutants

  • Smoke

  • Water Spots

  • And More!

Here at Eco Window, we're proud to provide high-quality pure water washing and we provide that same quality of care when it comes to keeping your solar panels in pristine condition


Just like it's important to invest in services like window cleaning, you should also invest part of your yearly home maintenance allowance in solar panel cleaning.


Routine cleaning will keep your panels looking good and working how they should throughout the years. What's more, having this service handled on an annual basis will provide many practical benefits such as:

  • Improve curb appeal for your entire home

  • Increase energy output

  • Longer panel service life

Your array is a huge investment in itself, so our solar panel cleaning services are an exercise of the utmost care.

We're sure to never use high-pressure washing on solar panels because of the delicate materials they're made up of. Instead, we use only the most delicate soft wash methods combined with cleaning agents proven to give your solar panels a crystal clear, streak-free finish. Getting a solar panel cleaning service for your home is the best thing you can do for your energy efficiency and curb appeal!

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Don't just Take Our Word For it


Eco Window's service is a game-changer, and we couldn't be happier with the results. Our property underwent a remarkable transformation, thanks to the expertise and efficiency of the Eco Window team.


Mary K, Rehoboth Beach

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